I dont want your hand this time.. I'll save myself (princess_lush) wrote in to_your_health,
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* New to Community *

Hey all. I'm new to this community. My names Kylie, I'm 19, I attend Arizona State, and I looooove drinking. ;-) My favorite beer by far though is XX with lime and salt. And my favorite liquor is 99 Bananas. What is everyone elses favorites?
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Welcome! Mine would be Guinness for beer and Redheaded slut for a shot. But they don't taste good together.. Have you tried corona with a shot of bacardi limon in it? those are kinda good.
isnt guinness a stout not a beer?
it IS! But still considered beer. Same ingredients, just different process.
ahh :)
No, I've actually never even heard of that. I'll have to try it sometime. ;-)